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Wheels cleaning is one of the most popular detailing processes. Most people understand that clean wheels and properly dressed tires make a huge impact on the entire looks of the vehicle.

But people do not know how to get their wheels to look that good, or how to have them kept maintained after they do.

“How do I keep them looking that way?”

In case your wheels are being neglected & they’re looking nearly black from the buildup of grime and break dust all over them, you’re going to need to put in a bit of work in order to bring them back to life, but after that, it’ll just be a matter of ease of maintenance during your normal process of washing to keep them looking in its best shape.

The majority of the buildup on your wheels (particularly within) is from brake dust. This is a braking process’s by-product, and if it is left not treated over a certain period, its corrosive qualities could damage the finish of the wheels permanently.

So regular cleaning and maintenance of your wheels not only makes them look much better, but it will prevent damage and keep them in great shape for many years to come.


Cleaning the tiny areas avoid splashing onto grime or overspray on the clean panels.


Using a high-quality car detailing towel or terry cloth towel.


Applying a layer of Ceramic Coating


Using a top-of-the-line tire dressing to avoid any old formulas that consist of silicone as it produces a fake glossy shine.

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