Ultimate Protection with Premium PPF ServicesPAINT PROTECTION FILM SERVICES

featuring a more realistic close-up view of the Tesla car with paint protection film, set in a natural, modern-day

Ultimate Protection with Premium PPF ServicesPAINT PROTECTION FILM SERVICES

featuring a more realistic close-up view of the Tesla car with paint protection film, set in a natural, modern-day

Expert PPF Installation - Shield Your Ride

Discover elite PPF installation services near you. Our top-grade films protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches, dirt, and weather. Specializing in Tesla models, we offer the best local PPF solutions.

Looking for reliable PPF near you? Our expert installers provide premium paint protection. We use high-quality films like 3M Films, ensuring your car stays pristine. Visit us for superior PPF care!

What is PPF for Cars?

PPF, or Paint Protection Film, serves as an invisible armor for your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an essential safeguard for maintaining a car’s showroom look. Our PPF services, available near you, offer robust protection against road wear, ensuring your vehicle — particularly high-demand models like Tesla Model Y and Model 3 — retains its value and aesthetic appeal. Here’s why our PPF installations stand out:

  • Custom Fit: Each PPF is precision-cut to match the unique lines of your vehicle, from a Tesla to any car brand.
  • Top-Quality Material: We utilize industry-leading PPF brands such as 3M films for maximum durability.
  • Expert Installation: Our skilled PPF installers near you ensure flawless application with no bubbles or misalignments.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Choose full car, hood, or specific area PPF wrapping for targeted protection.
  • Self-Healing Technology: Minor scratches and swirls disappear with the warmth of the sun or engine heat.
  • Ceramic Coating Compatibility: Combine PPF with ceramic coating for the ultimate paint protection duo.

Invest in our local PPF installation services to not just protect, but also enhance your vehicle’s resilience against the elements and everyday challenges.



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      Knowledge DatabaseGot a question?

      We did our best to answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions about PPF, take a look!
      What is PPF and how does it protect my car?

      PPF, or Paint Protection Film, is a clear, durable film applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect the paint from scratches, chips, and weathering. It acts as a shield against road debris, UV rays, and other environmental elements.

      Can PPF be installed on any vehicle?

      Absolutely! We specialize in custom-fitting PPF for a wide range of vehicles, including popular models like Tesla Model Y and Model 3. Our precision-cut films ensure a perfect fit for any car.

      What areas of my car should have PPF applied?

      PPF can be applied to any painted surface, but common areas include the front bumper, hood, side mirrors, and door edges. We offer full car protection for ultimate coverage.

      How long does PPF last?

      Our high-quality PPF, including brands like 3M PPF films, typically lasts 5-10 years, depending on maintenance and exposure to the elements.

      Is the PPF noticeable on my car?

      The films we use are virtually invisible and designed to maintain the natural beauty of your vehicle’s finish while offering unparalleled protection.

      Does PPF require special maintenance?

      PPF is low-maintenance. You can wash and wax your car as usual, although we recommend waiting a week after installation before doing so to allow the film to cure.

      What makes your PPF service stand out in Fort Worth?

      As expert PPF installers, we provide precise application, ensuring seamless protection. We’re not just a shop near you; we are your local specialists committed to excellence.

      Can PPF be removed or replaced?

      Yes, PPF can be safely removed or replaced by a professional. If the film becomes damaged, it can be removed and a new layer applied without harming the paint.

      Are there different types of PPF?

      We offer a range of PPF options, including ceramic-coated films for enhanced durability and gloss. Each type provides different levels of protection to suit your needs.

      How do I schedule a PPF installation with Kingdom Window Tint?

      You can schedule an appointment by calling us or visiting our Fort Worth shop. We’ll provide a free quote and help you select the best PPF solution for your car.

      Who does PPF near me in Fort Worth?

      At Kingdom Window Tint Shop, we’re a team of dedicated professionals specializing in PPF application. Located in Fort Worth, we are experts in protecting vehicles of all makes and models, with a special focus on high-end vehicles like Tesla. We ensure every inch of the applied area is meticulously covered, using precision techniques that set us apart as the go-to PPF installers in the region.

      Where can I get high-quality PPF near me?

      You can get top-tier PPF services right here at Kingdom Window Tint Shop. We provide a suite of PPF options, including partial and full front-end packages, using premium materials from trusted brands like 3M paint protection films. Our Fort Worth shop is equipped with the latest tools and technology to deliver flawless protection with a seamless finish.

      How much does it cost to PPF a car?

      The cost to PPF a car varies based on the coverage area and the type of film used. At Kingdom Window Tint Shop, our prices start at $999 for a partial front-end PPF application, which typically includes the front bumper, hood, fenders, and mirrors. For those seeking more extensive coverage, our full front-end package is available for $1699, providing comprehensive protection for the entire front section of your vehicle.

      How to wash a car with PPF?

      Washing a car with PPF doesn’t require much deviation from your regular routine. However, it’s important to avoid abrasive materials and harsh chemicals. We recommend using a soft cloth or a sponge with a mild, PPF-safe cleaning solution. Always rinse your vehicle with clean water first to remove larger particles that could scratch the film. After washing, dry your car with a clean microfiber towel to prevent water spots.

      How to maintain PPF on a car?

      To maintain PPF on your car, keep the vehicle clean and minimize exposure to contaminants. Regularly wash the car following the guidelines mentioned previously. Although PPF has self-healing properties, avoid parking under trees where sap or bird droppings can settle. If you notice any lifting or peeling edges, bring your vehicle to us for inspection. Periodic professional checks can ensure your PPF remains in top condition.

      Just the right reasonWHY US?

      Kingdom Window Tint Shop is your go-to for expert PPF installation in Fort Worth. Our precision, high-quality materials, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us leaders in vehicle protection. Specializing in everything from family cars to luxury Teslas, we ensure your vehicle not only stays protected but also maintains its aesthetic appeal.
      I had PPF applied to my Tesla at Kingdom Window Tint and the results were outstanding. The team's expertise, attention to detail, and friendly service were impressive. My Tesla looks amazing and is well-protected. Highly recommend them for top-notch PPF work
      Alex R
      A Happy PPF Client